country fried venison

You Need This Country Fried Venison Steak Recipe, Tonight!

Now this is a venison meal that will stick to your ribs!

When you try to think of meal that is always on a kitchen table somewhere out in the rural areas of our country, well, country fried venison is probably it. Venison is a very easy meat to cook; it can be baked, seared, or roasted with amazing results. However, when you set your sights on country fried venison, you are in for a treat.

Now, that looks amazing! You may need some antacids after you're done, and probably some time on the treadmill, but it's all worth it. Anytime you take a piece of meat and bread it, then bread it again and fry it, it's going to be good. Then, top it all off with that gravy? Yeah, that is something else.

So what do you think? Chances are you're already making a version of this recipe at home currently, but would this recipe perhaps get a chance? If nothing else, give that gravy recipe a go. That looks like it would be great on anything!