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Cooking Wild Game? Easton Archery Has You Covered with These 5 Recipes

If you plan on cooking wild game, start here first. 

At the ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana this year, Easton Archery got to cooking. As a matter of fact, they put on a tasty display cooking wild game. Not only that, they also showed off what some of their favorite recipes tasted like as well. As you are about to see, the staff and pro-staff from Easton, know what they are doing when it comes to the kitchen.

Jessie Duff - Venison Tacos 

Need the ingredients? Just like in all of these videos, Easton listed everything you might need in the description. For a complete list of instructions, go here.

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John Dudley - Venison Fajitas

This recipe is fairly involved. There is a marinade, and also the recipe itself for the fajitas.

Fred & Michele Eichler - Grilled Antelope Backstrap

Before you become a master cooking wild game, learning the finer points of grilling antelope is a must. Some people consider antelope to be some of the best tasting wild game there is.

Bill Winke - Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

If you are going to cook venison with bacon using the tenderloin, you have yourself a winner. No doubt this recipe might have been one of the biggest hits at the ATA show, 2017.

Cameron Hanes - Elk Ribeye Steak

Cameron Hanes is somewhat of an Internet hunting celebrity. Thankfully, he is also pretty legit. He knows a thing or two about cooking up what he kills. This recipe is going to be good.