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270 Dogs Seized from Texas Property, Shelter Temporarily Closed

There is even more to this story than the 270 dogs seized from a Texas property in Los Fresnos this week. Cameron County Public Health is on point for the animals and is asking for donations. Many folks in the community think these dogs were stolen and belong to folks that have missing pets.

In addition, the county is planning an adoption event Monday yet many rescue groups as you'll see in the below Facebook post are also upset as they fear none of these dogs will be spayed or neutered and will create yet more issues for the community.

This story has layers of controversy wrapped around it. The dogs are sitting in limbo and many rescues are waiting to assist but the county is dragging their feet.

KVEO's Derick Garcia did a great segment and also followed up with a Facebook live explaining the latest updates.

If you don't know about this case, here's what we learned from the news segment that aired:

  • Los Fresnos is where this occurred and crates were stacked on top of each other as far as the eyes could see
  • Two men were charged with animal cruelty non-livestock and 270 dogs and one cat was seized
  • The community is worried that these dogs will also get put down

If you live in the area, here are the steps to take if you think one of these 270 dogs may be yours.

"Cameron County Public Health is asking the public to complete the pet reunification request form, which requests information on the pet owner and their lost dog including the pet's name and identifying characteristics."

Donations are needed and can be taken to the Cameron County Public Health Department where all these animals are housed. There is an adoption fair being organized and local news outlets will share when these are available.

"Cameron County Public Health is requesting donations from the public in the form of cleaning supplies, dog kennels, towels, rags and newspapers. These items will be used to assist with the maintenance of the facility. The donations may be dropped off at the Cameron County San Benito Annex located at 1390 W Expressway 83 in San Benito from 7:30 am - 5 pm."

This news was reported out of Brownsville, Texas. Animal control is clearly very busy with these dogs so please drop off some donations. Texas has laws that protect animals both livestock and non-livestock so these men will certainly be held responsible! Clearly their mental health is an issue if they thought they could get away with keeping 270 dogs in crates without the community finding out. Law enforcement are not messing around in Texas. One man is claiming he was just a caretaker and clearly that's ridiculous as the picture shows they were hardly cared for at all.

 Thank goodness for the rescues in the area as they are ready to step in and help as soon as they're allowed to get involved. This is not the first time and certainly not their first rodeo as the health care for these animals is their first priority.

Please let us know if you think one of these dogs is your missing pet. Leave a comment below with your story. 

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