Monster Buck
YouTube: North 49 Outdoors

Hunter Connects on 185-Inch Monster Buck With Shooting Light Running Out

This Canadian bruiser is a stud of a buck!

One of the more satisfying aspects of hunting is when a plan finally comes together in your favor. There's nothing sweeter than prepping and planning all summer long for one buck and then finally having that target deer walk into your shooting lane just as you'd planned.

That was the case for Canadian hunter Adrian Vos of North 49 Outdoors on YouTube. There's an awesome-looking old buck he calls Zig Zag in the area. He has numerous trail camera photos and a full set of sheds from a year prior.

Now all he must do is close the deal and harvest this old forest warrior. Which is easier said than done of course. This short film perfectly chronicles the quest for this giant buck that scores 185 inches!

This is the type of buck that dreams are made from. This buck has a little bit of everything a hunter could want, height, width and of course, mass. We also love the chocolate-colored racks so many of those big Alberta whitetails seem to have.

Over the course of this hunt, Adrian passed up a lot of nice whitetails that most hunters would happily consider shooters. However, he had his mind set on one deer and one deer only. His dedication eventually paid off with the buck of a lifetime. It makes it even sweeter that he has a history with this deer and has his previous year's sheds to compare how much this monster buck grew.

When Zig Zag failed to show during the bow season, he shifted his focus to the rifle season and manages to get this big buck just under the clock with only eight minutes of legal shooting light left in the day. Talk about making things more dramatic!

Great buck and shot Adrian! Congratulations on the deer of a lifetime!

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