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Hunter Fills Last Tag on a Nice Buck Only to Have a Bigger One Step Out

Good things come to those who wait...

Crazy things can happen in the deer woods. And this video from Tim Wells shows just that. He is on a late season bow hunt in Illinois, and he has just one buck tag left. When a really nice buck steps out, he does what any of us would have done in the same situation. He takes the shot.

At first, Tim is thrilled with the deer he just smoked. Unfortunately, while waiting for the buck to lay down, the entire hunt changes when another buck makes his presence known just moments later.

This is some of the most unbelievable luck we've ever seen. We're not quite sure if it is good or bad, but it's definitely something.

We can't blame Tim for shooting that first buck. It was a great deer and he made a terrific shot on it. Pretty much any hunter would be happy with that deer. But to have an even bigger whitetail step out just a few minutes later definitely has to sting a little.

Really, it might not have been so bad, had the buck NOT circled back around and stopped just 10 yards from where Tim was sitting! The odds of getting that close to such a wise, old beast of the forest...well, they're not good. Especially considering this was the first time he'd ever seen this deer in person.

We suppose the moral of the story is to always be careful what you use your last tag on, because you just never know what might step into your shooting lane just a few minutes later. At least he still ended up with a great deer and an incredible story to go with it!

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