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Tim Wells Nails an Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer with Archery Tackle

Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer

Tim Wells comes to full draw on an Arizona Coues whitetail in the mountains out west. 

Arizona Coues whitetail deer can be some of the toughest species of whitetails to hunt. They don't grow very big because of the lack of nutrition afforded them in the desert. Nonetheless, they still make for an exciting thrill.

In this hunt Wells also gives a shot at predator hunting in the Arizona desert. See what kind of success he has with his fawn decoy.

Sometimes it seems that Tim Wells is one of the luckiest hunters out there. The Coues deer walks literally yards from where he and his camera man are set up. This is a real testament of the woodsman that he is. Being able to still hunt in the mountains of Arizona, come to full draw, and successfully harvest a mature Coues deer is extremely difficult.

Similarly, he nails the deer with a perfect quartering away shot, and the deer doesn't run more than 100 yards.

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Tim Wells Nails an Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer with Archery Tackle