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Spearing Pigs With Tim Wells Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

spearing pigs

Tim Wells gets up close and personal on his latest adventure spearing pigs.

While pigs tend to smell fairly well they don't always hear or see well. Tim Wells uses this to his advantage while spearing pigs in the rain. We need more hunters in the United States who are willing to hunt feral hogs and wild boar to help seize hold of this invasive species.

Despite a pig's lack of vision and hearing, they're still very agile. Clearly, the moment the wild pig sees Wells, it takes off. However, Wells places a nice throw on the boar leaving him a short blood trail to follow.

The latter half of the video shows a great archery shot by Wells.

A lot of his videos are spear hunts and blow gun hunts, but Wells is also a very good shot with a bow and string. Don't miss the long distance shot at the end where Wells places the arrow right through the African reed buck.

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Spearing Pigs With Tim Wells Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping