spear hunter Tim Wells

"Ride the Spear" with Spear Hunter Tim Wells in Africa

Spear hunter Tim Wells shows several hunts from the perspective of a spear.

Check out these dramatic spear hunts with professional spear hunter Tim Wells. Each spear is fully equipped with a camera showing the moment of impact. Some of the throws are fatal, but some aren't.n

While these throws look easy, these hunts lasted several hours. They're hunting over bait, but the different species are extremely skittish.

While opposition may view this ancient form of hunting inhumane, it's actually very effective. Most of these throws are lethal enough to keep a big-game animal from running 100 yards.

What's epic about this video is the point of view from the spear as the animal runs away.

The most dangerous part is probably when Tim Wells is standing in a tree that won't even hold a stand. Additionally, he needs to make sure he doesn't slice his leg as he throws the spear (which he did accidentally do once).

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