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Spear Hunting Black Bear with Tim Wells

spear hunting black bear

Tim Wells is out spear hunting black bear while self filming. 

Despite the recent controversy over Josh Bowmar's recent black bear spear hunting video, other hunters are continuing to do what they do best.

Tim Wells is an avid hunter and outdoorsman who enjoys self filming his intense, close encounter hunts.

This hunt is no exception.

While many onlookers who are not hunters might think that this is inhumane, in fact, spear hunting is just as humane as other means of hunting. Just as the video stated, "Tim has speared numerous bears, all of which died within 80 yards of impact."

This hunt, likewise, could not have been any better. The shot was perfect and the bear did not go far before expiring.

Additionally, the benefits of bear hunting far outlast just the experience. The meat is processed and used for meals like chili while the fur, skull and claws are harvested as well. Many other parts can be used as well.

Bear hunting also provides an additional boost to local economies as it brings in millions of dollars each year for wildlife management and conservation.

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Spear Hunting Black Bear with Tim Wells