YouTube: Braydon Price

Hunter Bags Big Buck With a Glock 10mm

Can a Glock really be used to kill big bucks?

There seems to be two very black and white opinions when it comes to Glock handguns. Most people either love them or just outright hate them. Personally, I fall into the former group myself.

Although I had never really considered one as a deer hunting firearm. They've always been more of a self-defense firearm in my mind, and handgun hunting isn't really on the top of most minds.

But as you'll see in the video from YouTuber Braydon Price below, the right Glock in the right situation can cleanly take down a big whitetail buck.

That was a nice buck and an excellent shot! Granted, the Glock 40 in 10mm is probably one of the lesser-used calibers Glock makes. These are not as popular amongst most deer hunters when compared to the many other handgun hunting rounds currently in use today (like a .357 Magnum, for example), but the larger caliber does make up some ground.

The lack of a pass-through and blood trail was a little surprising. But as you can see, the 10mm is a very effective round and he didn't have to do any trailing.

It's an impressive feat, and the Glock 40 was very efficient in putting that big game animal down with a quick and clean kill. It's not a bolt-action rifle, but it gave the hunter a better chance than a lot of other guns.

If one feels confident in their firearm and their ability to use it effectively, why not use one?

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