Big Buck
YouTube: Tim Wells Bowhunter

Kerrie Wells Makes Great Shot on Big Buck From the Ground

Kerrie Wells rebounds from a miss with a thrilling ground bowhunt.

Every hunter is going to miss a shot sooner or later. It's human nature. We aren't perfect and we aren't going to stay perfect. Sometimes things just don't work in our favor in the deer woods. That's just the way hunting goes sometimes.

It may be easy to get down on yourself after blowing a prime opportunity, but the most successful hunters out there know that it's not over until it's over.

For further proof of that, just watch this short video of Kerrie Wells' season. She misses a prime opportunity at a monster buck with her bow. Instead of hanging her head and giving up, she presses on late into the season. She ends up decoying in another great buck and making a great shot from the ground. The shot here is captured in slow motion and is sure to make your heart skip a beat.

As heartbreaking as that first buck was, we think that exciting hunt later in the season more than made up for it. After all, it's a bit harder to bag a big buck from the ground than it is from a treestand. Tim and Kerrie came up with a perfect late season game plan to antagonize a late rut buck here. This nice 9-pointer walked right into the ambush.

This video goes to show how effective a decoy can be in the right situation. That buck saw a rival and was looking for a fight. Instead he took an arrow to the lungs. Speaking of which, that was some excellent shot placement here. It's likely that buck never knew what hit him after that nicely-placed shot.

So, if you miss a deer this season, don't get down on yourself. Get back out there and keep hunting as long as you can. The most successful hunters are the ones who never give up!

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