170-Inch Buck
YouTube: The Deer Society

Miscommunication With Cameraman Costs Bowhunter Prime Chance at 170-Inch Buck

Miscommunication can cost you in the deer woods.

As the popularity of filming deer hunts continues to increase, more and more hunters are heading into the woods hoping to capture their adventures on video for the whole world to see. When everything works out, it's awesome to share your successes with your family and friends. Plus, you can then relive the hunt whenever you like. It's an awesome way to preserve the memory.

However, filming also brings along a whole new set of challenges that can potentially cost you a deer completely. To underscore what we're talking about, we present exhibit A: this video from The Deer Society on YouTube.

Colton Hall is acting as cameraman while Kyle Ransom is the hunter in this scenario. These guys end up rattling a 170-inch buck right under the stand when everything goes very wrong. Just watch the hunt to see what we mean.

Who else was yelling "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" at their computer or phone when Kyle had that buck right under the stand? Personally, at that point I would have just shot whether I knew if the cameraman had him or not. That was potentially the buck of a lifetime that got away because of miscommunication between cameraman and shooter.

While Kyle did get a longer shot, that arrow sailed clean over that buck's back because he misread the yardage. All in all, a totally heartbreaking scenario we wouldn't wish on any hunter. We imagine Kyle was even more devastated after watching the footage back and seeing that they had this buck perfectly in frame, but he did not take the shot.

This is a risk you run if you focus on filming your hunts. The only thing you can do is learn from this scenario and be ready to act in case it ever happens again. Kudos to these guys for putting their realistic mistake up on the Internet too, because so many shows focus on the kills without acknowledging that sometimes the deer gets away. That's why it's called hunting and not killing!

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