Big Buck
YouTube: Land&Legacy

Young Hunter Smokes The Big Buck His Father Messed Up On Two Years Prior


Boy bags the buck his father messed up on two years earlier.

Every hunter has a story about the big one that got away. If you hunt long enough, you are sure to mess up on a nice buck at some point or another. That is just how hunting works. Rarely does a chance for redemption come about on the same deer in the manner you are about to see.

In this video from YouTubers Land&Legacy, Seth and his son Trace are sitting on a stand on a food plot where Seth messed up on a nice buck they call "Hefty" a few years earlier.

After missing his chance at the deer, Seth probably never expected to get another chance at the buck. Well, two years later the same deer appears in the same stand and gives young Trace a prime chance to harvest him. Check it out in the video below. This young man's excitement is palpable once he releases that arrow.


It's always awesome to see a younger hunter take a nice buck. It's even better when it's a deer that the family has history with like this. This is a hunt father and son will be reliving for years every time they look at that deer up on the wall.

One would think a buck like this would be wary of that food plot, even two years removed from an incident like this. However, that nice buck let his guard down and provided a grade A opportunity for this young hunter to harvest a great archery buck.

The lesson here is to never give up. Because you never know when you are going to get a chance to redeem the mistakes of the past and put that big buck on the ground. Trace did an excellent job of staying patient and waiting for the ideal opportunity to release that arrow. When he did, it flew true and resulted in a quick and clean harvest. Well done young man!

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