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Bowhunter Grazes Buck with Non-Lethal Hit, It Returns and Gives a Second Chance

This lucky hunter got the second chance of a lifetime on this buck.

Hunting, especially bowhunting, is a pursuit with very little margin for error. One miscalculation, one screw up, one movement at the wrong time can bring a swift end to your hunt as you watch your quarry bound away, white flag tail in the air. Everyone knows this, it happens all the time.

Things get more painful when you get a prime shot opportunity and totally blow it by shooting over or under the deer. Once missed, that buck is never coming back, right?

Well, I recently had a video show up in my email inbox that proves that assumption wrong. Bernie Barringer sets up on a food plot looking for a specific buck. When that buck comes out, he thinks he just blew his chance after shooting underneath it. What happens next you must see to believe.

The first shot was an unbelievable bit of bad luck. It gave the buck a nice cut on his brisket, but there was no way that shot was going to kill this deer. On any normal day and for most hunting scenarios, this would be the end of the hunt. The buck would make a beeline out of there and would not return that evening.

At least that's the scenario that most of us have likely experienced on a miss or graze like this. However, it seems this buck simply never comprehended what happened to him. He never associated that shot with danger, and as a result, wanders back into the food plot to give an even closer opportunity. It's one of those things that would be hard to believe if you just heard the story, but he's got the proof on film!

I only hope that the next time I miss a deer, this exact same scenario plays out. What a wild experience and a great hunt. Thanks for sharing it with us Bernie!

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