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YouTube: Keith Warren Hunting

A Missed Shot From a .50 BMG Still Kills a Deer

Is it possible to miss a deer and still kill it?

There's no shortage of us who've thought about it. What would it be like to shoot a deer with a large-caliber round?

We're not talking about your standard .30-06 here, or even a .338.  We're not talking about a .444 or a .45-70.

This guy went out to the deer blind with a 30-pound .50 BMG rifle. But even he couldn't have predicted how this hunt would go. Trust me. You will not see this coming.

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If you watched to the end of the video, you were probably as shocked as we were. That's right. This guy missed a head shot, but in doing so, somehow managed to suck the eyeballs right out of the deer.

A closer view of the slow-motion replay reveals that you can actually see the eyeballs of the deer leaving its head and flying right to left. The doe promptly died as a result.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

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