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Monster 21-Point Iowa Buck Annihilates Hunter's Decoy Seconds Before The Shot

Monster Buck
YouTube: The Hunting Public

Hunts don't get much more exciting than this!

Across much of North America, the rut is starting to heat up and the bucks are beginning to get aggressive towards their opponents. For hunters heading into the field, this aggressive behavior can be used to your advantage, especially when a large mature buck is in the area.

That's the case with this new video from one of our favorite hunting YouTube channels, The Hunting Public. In this video, Ted Miller is pursuing a monster Iowa buck that he has nicknamed "The Shed Dog Buck."

Ted decides to try using a decoy setup during the state's early muzzleloader season and it ends up working to perfection. His target buck spots the decoy and annihilates it moments before Ted squeezes the trigger to bring this monster down.

It really does not get much more exciting than that. This buck was not happy to see that decoy and took out his frustrations on it in a most violent fashion. That would get any hunter's blood pumping. The fact that this buck was an absolute giant just added to the fun of this hunt. Ted was lucky that 8-pointer didn't destroy the decoy first!

As if the hunt itself was not exciting enough, the little extra bit of drama when he had a hard time finding blood was just icing on the cake of this hunt. It probably made the short recovery even sweeter. This video just goes to show that using a decoy for deer can be an effective method of hunting when conditions are right, and the bucks are looking to pick fights with rivals. This big boy thoroughly thrashed his "rival!"

His line near the end: "Bucks like this, they don't come around too often," is something of an understatement. We cannot imagine harvesting a buck of this caliber once, let alone twice! What an awesome deer and a great hunting video. Congrats Ted, on your monster buck from all of us here at Wide Open Spaces!

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Monster 21-Point Iowa Buck Annihilates Hunter's Decoy Seconds Before The Shot