15 Friendly Cat Breeds So You Can Ditch Dogs and Go Fully Feline

Nothing beats coming home to friendly cat who wants nothing more than to climb up onto your lap!

Do you love when your cat spends time hanging out with you, climbs in your lap, or follows you around the house? Then chances are you want to adopt a cat with a loving, friendly personality. While some cats may be standoffish, quiet, and reserved, but these 15 friendliest cat breeds are anything but.

These cat breeds are known for their love of people, their ability to develop strong relationships with their families, and their overall social nature. Cat lovers are more likely to find these cats waiting for you on the couch than off hiding away in a room somewhere away from the family. While there are always exceptions to these standards, if you adopt one of these cat breeds you'll probably have an affectionate feline companion for years to come.

15 Friendliest Cat Breeds

1. Maine Coon

maine coon friendliest cat breed

Maine Coon cats are sweet, loving, and gentle. Originally bred to work on family farms, the Maine Coon can weigh up to 25 pounds and is a good-natured breed. These cats thrive in the presence of children and other pets, and develop a special bond with their family.

Often described as "doglike," Maine Coons are easy to train and don't require constant supervision. These beautiful cats have huge personalities and are sure to provide a family with plenty of entertainment. Just make sure you have enough room for this giant breed.

2. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat friendliest cat breeds

Ragdoll cats are docile, laid-back, and loving lap cats. This quiet breed is highly sociable and loves to spend time with owners as well as house guests.

Ragdolls are so friendly and smart that they're frequently compared to dogs. They're highly tolerant of other pets and are good with children, too. You'll often find this intelligent cat lounging around the house or playing while lying on its back.

3. Siamese

siamese cat friendliest cat breeds

Siamese cats are very affectionate and friendly. They're very intelligent and can learn to walk on a leash. Though these cats are very smart, they also have minds of their own.

Siamese cats love being the center of attention and will often be talkative if you don't give it to them. Siamese cats are sort of the Huskies of the cat world, in that they spend plenty of time making their disagreement with you known. Plan to spend plenty of time playing with this active breed— just don't get lost in those blue eyes!

4. Sphynx

sphynx cat breed friendliest cat breeds

Sphynx cats may be short on hair, but they're definitely not lacking in the affection department. Sphynx cats love attention and will even do tricks in order to keep everyone in the room focused on them.

This is a high-energy breed, but most Sphynx cats are also highly friendly and easy to handle. They've been known to follow their owners around the house and are highly loyal best friends.

5. Birman

birman cat friendliest cat breeds

The Birman is an affectionate breed. These feline friends often attach themselves to one person and can get jealous if that person doesn't give them enough attention.

These larger cats can easily become overweight, so you'll need to spend time playing with your Birman on a daily basis. Fat cats are cute, but vet bills are not.

6. Persian

persian cats friendliest cat breeds

Persian cats tend to be friendly toward anyone and everyone. These cats will spend hours lounging around, then will suddenly burst into kitten-like activity.

Persians are usually content to sleep next to you or to curl up in your lap. These furry friends are a beautiful breed but do require extensive grooming to keep their coats healthy. If you pick up a Persian, make sure to grab some cat grooming tools to make your life easier.

7. Cornish Rex

cornish rex kitten playing

The Cornish Rex is an affectionate breed who will actively seek out attention. These cats bond strongly with their families and love to spend time playing and racing around the house. Your Cornish Rex will be very agile and athletic, and will probably enjoy playing fetch with toys.

Because these cats crave attention, they're not suitable if you're going to spend lots of time away on vacations. Cornish Rex cats have been known to get up to trouble when left at home alone if they feel they're being ignored.

8. Abyssinian

abyssinian kitten on lap

Abyssinian cats tend to love both people and other animals. These cats are loving and affectionate, and while they're independent enough to enjoy playing alone, they also appreciate having their owners involved in playtime.

Because Abyssinians are so social, they do best in an environment with company. If you'll often be at work all day, consider getting a second cat to keep your Abyssinian happy and match their personality traits.

9. Russian Blue

russian blue cat friendliest cat breed

The Russian Blue is a friendly, social breed. While Russian Blues develop strong relationships with their families, they're a bit more reserved around strangers. These cats are highly sensitive to their families' moods and are the type of cat who will greet you at the door or cuddle with you once you're home from work.

Russian Blue cats are relatively quiet and require minimal grooming. With their friendly nature and intelligence, they're ideal cats for many families.

10. Manx

manx cat friendliest cat breeds

Manx cats can trace their ancestry back to the Vikings and thrive when around people. These cats love to participate in your daily activities, whether that's helping you type on the computer or dropping a few meows, chirps and purrs while waiting for you to shower. Manx cats are friendly and even-tempered, and they thrive on routines. This cat is extremely vocal and will often talk up a storm when bored, hungry, or just making his opinion known!

Manx cats are friendly toward other cats and dogs. This social cat is moderately interested in learning commands, and they love to play. Some will even learn fetch, and they are often compared to dogs for that alone.

11. Ragamuffin

cat sitting on living room floor

Ragamuffin cats are large, friendly cats who are related to the Ragdoll breed. Ragamuffins adapt well to routine changes, making them ideal for families who often relocate or who live in apartments.

Ragamuffins are even-tempered and fairly easygoing. They make great companions and do best when they have someone playing with them daily to help keep them fit and healthy.

12. Munchkin

munchkin cat sitting on table is friendliest cat breed

Munchkin cats are confident and outgoing. These bold cats have the instincts of a hunter and love to stash away toys to play with later.

These cats are medium-sized cats who have short, stubby legs. These legs don't slow down the Munchkin cat at all, though, whether the cat is hunting down prey or snuggling into your lap.

13. Scottish Fold

scottish fold kitten looking up at camera

The Scottish Fold is an affectionate and friendly cat breed. Scottish Fold cats tend to create great relationships with all of their family members.

While Scottish Folds are friendly, some cats can develop a stiffer tail. If that tail is mishandled, it can cause the cat pain, so it's important that all family members understand how to gently handle the cat.

14. Devon Rex

friendly cat looking out of cat tree

The Devon Rex is a fun-loving and social breed. These cats are full of personality and are sometimes described as being a cross between a cat, dog, monkey, and Dennis the Menace.

The Devon Rex is an affectionate cat that forms strong relationships with family members much in the way a dog would. They're intensely loyal and will follow you around the house to wait while you make dinner, snuggle up to you at night, and help you with your chores.

15. Somali

somali kitten playing with ball

Somali cats are highly social and enjoy interacting with both humans and with other cats. Somalis love people and enjoy having company around. These highly active cats love to jump and play and they'll play with their own toys for hours, but always appreciate having a human available to play with them.

Keep in mind that while most cats who are from these breeds are highly friendly and social, but there are always exceptions. The way that a cat is raised and treated will affect how social and friendly it is with you and your family.

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This article was originally published December 16, 2019.

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