10 Satisfying Gun GIFs to Get Your Point Across

GIFs are fun little animations that you can stick in your social media comments to get your message across in a humorous way. Here a 10 gun gif beauties.

Who doesn't love a good gif? Short animated images that only last for a second or two, or indefinitely on a loop, gifs add a bit of humor or sarcasm to social media conversations.

Here are 10 satisfying gun gifs for you to use in any upcoming Facebook conversations, for when you just don't feel like typing a comment or you just want to celebrate the Second Amendment.

A cat with a machine gun. Combining two of social media's most prevalent images. Use this one right after you give someone a good verbal burn.

Same with everyone's favorite, snarky robot, Bender from Futurama. Take that you anti-gun zealot!

Clint Eastwood might be the most "giffed" actor on the internet. There are literally hundreds of Eastwood gifs out there. I chose this one because who else do you know who could make a finger gun so menacing and dangerous?

Tector Gorch as played by the acclaimed character actor Ben Johnson is simply a joy to behold in this gif from the iconic film The Wild Bunch. It's looped perfectly, and just continues Johnson's gleeful firing of a Browning M1917 .30-06 water-cooled machine gun.

That lovable scoundrel, Yosemite Sam, has plenty of gifs featuring him as well. This is a good one to drop on someone after they've made a comment they thought was a mic drop, but you've successfully cannonballed it.

A train, a robbery, and a penguin shooting a six-gun. What more could you ask for in this cool Wallace and Gromit gif.

Yeah, he's got a few guns... "Prepare to get your tail kicked!"

Here's the perfect gif for our anti-gun president Obama. Let's face it, the man was an absolute boon to the gun industry during his presidency, as every anti-gun policy he put in place just increased gun sales in the country astronomically. Thanks Obama!

There's a gun in this gif...somewhere...I think...

No list of gun gifs would be complete without something from The Duke. The Rifleman's Chuck Connors would smile with envy at the way John Wayne twirls his lever action rifle in this iconic shot from the 1939 classic Stagecoach.

Okay, here's an 11th bonus gif. I included this one just because I loved the cartoon Jonny Quest as a kid. Race Bannon is easily the coolest, most badass cartoon character in television history.

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