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Why Revolvers Are Better Than Semi-Autos

The debate is an old one: revolvers or semi-autos, which is better? Well here you go, the question is finally settled. Maybe.

Gun enthusiasts love to debate all things gun related. We love to compare guns, calibers, ammo specs, sights, grips, companies, you name it.

One of the oldest ongoing debates is the one concerning revolvers vs. semi-auto handguns. Which is better and why? And frankly, what does “better” really mean?

The Yankee Marshal declares, tongue firmly in cheek, the debate settled once and for all. Hear his argument for “why wheelguns are far superior to any type of semi-auto handgun”:

It’s hard to argue with the Yankee Marshal’s pro-revolver logic here, especially when he brings in all of those allusions to manliness, patriotism, virility, the Lone Ranger and Dirty Harry, amorous bears and the fact that God himself “is a wheelgun guy!”

But seriously, in spite of the introductory statement to this article, the debate most likely isn’t really settled at all, nor will it ever be, and that is a good thing. The fun of these kinds of verbal and intellectual battles lies in the fact that they truly are almost entirely opinion based, along with the larger truth that both sides of the argument are probably acceptable to any of us.

After all, what self-respecting revolver enthusiast would not eagerly accept a 1911 Colt .45 if it was offered to him, and what semi-auto advocate would not be overjoyed if someone presented her with a Colt Diamondback .357 Magnum?

Truth is that most of us love both revolvers and semi-autos, even though we might prefer one over the other if all other things were equal. But all other things are never equal are they?

What’s your opinion? Which do you think is a better handgun carry choice, revolver or semi-auto?

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Why Revolvers Are Better Than Semi-Autos