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10 Second Amendment Memes Only True Patriots Understand

Second Amendment memes

Tired of anti-gun, anti-freedom Facebook posts? Next time one pops up, just drop one of these patriotic Second Amendment memes as your reply.

Memes are often used in social media conversations when real thinking is lacking. Most of them are, frankly, pretty lame. But we've found ten Second Amendment memes that make sense, are intelligent and cut to the quick of any anti-gun, anti-liberty nonsense talk you may encounter.

Use them freely and profusely!

This one requires a little thinking of the viewer. That may be asking a lot of many anti-gun zealots, but the juxtaposition of an anti-Second Amendment stance being enforced by men with guns is just too bold to ignore.

I don't know about you, but I get awfully tired of the left trying to compare America with other countries like Sweden or Australia. America is the single greatest country the world has ever known. Who cares what they do in any other country?

This meme virtually drips with sarcasm. Sometimes sarcasm is called for.

Speaking to the foolish argument from gun control zealots who say that the Second Amendment was written with single shot muskets in mind.

That's right, "need" is not a requirement to exercise a right.

For those folks who like to separate the Second Amendment according to technology. Sorry, the Constitution doesn't work that way.

For the argument that the Second Amendment pertains to hunting.

Damn right.

This one is pretty sweet. It takes a well-known anti-gun talking head and uses her own words against her. I doubt if she even realizes the sweeping nature of what she said.

And finally, my favorite meme of all. This one explains the crux of the matter so beautifully and succinctly. I challenge any anti-gun zealot to argue the meaning of the Second Amendment after getting smacked with this meme.

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10 Second Amendment Memes Only True Patriots Understand