Cannon vs. One Ton of Water: Which Will Triumph?

Wanna have a little fun? How about lighting the fuse on a cannon and firing it at a tank containing one ton of water? Let's see what happens.

The guys from the YouTube channel Iraqveteran8888 are having a little fun today. They've got a cannon, a fuse, and a tank set up with 275 gallons of water. Need we say more?

Well, yeah, maybe a little more. They're firing a one-and-a-half pound projectile right into the tank, just to see what happens. With this set up they indicate that that bullet shaped projectile will be delivering around 46,000 foot pounds of energy. Oh yeah!

Well, that was fun. The slug went about three-quarters of the way into and through the 2,200 pounds of water in the tank, and then veered over to one side, separating the side panel of the tank.

What is most interesting is the mushroom shape of the projectile. The rifling grooves are clearly visible, and the impact also tore the skirt off of it as well.

I'd say that that one-and-a-half pound mushroomed chunk of lead would make a fantastic paperweight.

And the display of exploding water, smoke and destruction that firing the cannon caused? Well that was super cool too. Vintage armaments were awfully effective, wouldn't you say?

Man, sometimes don't you just wish that you had a cannon and a place where you can shoot stuff with it?

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