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Mini Cannon Artillery from Golf Tee and .22 Casings [VIDEO]

Use this mini cannon to wreak havoc on an opposing force of plastic army men.

Using bamboo skewers, a golf tee, wheels from a toy car and .22 shell casings, this man made a small cannon of sorts.

Telling the story of how one of his childhood friends would do much the same thing, albeit with somewhat deviant intentions, he wanted to see how powerful the small projectiles really were.

Inserting the shell casing on the golf tee and then igniting it with a mechanical lighter, he fires the "cannonball" casing at a variety of objects.

Watch this video and decide how effective and destructive the mini cannon is.

Although, with the cost and scarcity of .22 ammunition these days, this could be a more costly little experiment than you might initially think.

Also, he advises, "Please use all precautions so you can grow up with both your eyes."

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Mini Cannon Artillery from Golf Tee and .22 Casings [VIDEO]