10 Favorite Frugal Finds on Amazon Pets Under $25

It's easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for Amazon pet supplies. Let us help!

If you have a dog or a cat, it's almost certain that you've ordered pet supplies from Amazon at some point. With dog food, dog toys, dog treats, supplements, pet beds, pet foods, probiotics, milk-bones, litter boxes, poop bags, and more, about the only retailer that might give Amazon a run for its money is Chewy. Between speedy Prime delivery and the vast selection, Amazon Pets is a go-to source of pet products for pet parents.

Still, looking through collectibles, grain free food, dog beds, and soft chews can feel kind of overwhelming. The vastness of that selection can sometimes feel like a hurdle to pinpointing the products that are the best value and just, well, the best. So we dug in and sussed out some really great buys for dogs and cats, from daily necessities to fun extras. All of them are Prime eligible, heavy duty best sellers and earn the highest ratings. Plus, every one will set you back less than $25, because we can all use a little help with pet parenting costs.

Here are our picks for the top 10 products on Amazon Pets.


Top 10 Frugal Finds on Amazon Pets

1. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

It seems like a simple ball, but it packs a ton of play value for small dogs and medium dogs alike. The six 'clutch pockets' on this toy make it easy for dogs of all sizes and ages to grab. Then with a nudge of his nose, off it goes, making irresistible wobbly movements. But the real kicker is the noise it makes as it rolls along. It has a special dog-enticing sound maker inside of it that doesn't need batteries. The fun noise also activates when you shake it or bat a dog paw at it.


2. Kitzy Dry Cat Food

Amazon's new 'house brand' cat food has already won devoted feline fans by the thousands. For less than $25, you can score 12 pounds of high-quality, protein-rich cat food that's made in the U.S.A. It comes in two flavors: turkey and pea or whitefish and pea, but that seems to be more than enough. Many reviewers noted their cats will not eat any other food after tasting Kitzy. It's made without grains, corn, soy, artificial flavors, or by-products. Move aside, Purina!


3. Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

Picking up after your dog is not as straightforward as it seems. Often, where your dog decides to do his business is not necessarily a place you want to step in to pick up after him. Wet dirt, buggy grass, and sand all present challenges, especially at night when you can't quite see what you're doing. This rotating bin quickly picks up the leavings of even large dogs. The rake makes short work of clean-up on all surfaces, while the handle extends up to 32 inches to save your back. Arm & Hammer pet odor control bags (included) hook on for your convenience. With odor eliminator and the attached remover, potty time is easy again.


4. Armarkat Cat Bed

Kitties love nooks to snooze in. This super soft velour hideaway will fit even larger cats comfortably. The cushy inside padding is machine washable; the bottom has a slip-proof, waterproof base. After seeing this bed, they'll never use the hammock again.


5. Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

All dogs like to gnaw on chew toys. But not all chew toys can stand up to all dogs. In fact, most of them don't last more than a few play sessions with bigger, stronger dogs. Do you have one of those super chewers? Introduce him to a Benebone. They're tougher and safer than real bones, and last for weeks. The bacon flavor—made with 100 percent real bacon—is the most popular flavor, but these also come in chicken and peanut butter as new offers. The wishbone shape is not just cute— it's strategic. The curves allow your pup to get a hold of it easily. And they're all made and sourced in the U.S.


6. Petstages Cat Tracks

This clever toy is a best-kept secret among cat parents. Kitties go crazy for it. It's an interactive toy with three levels, on which bright balls spin and roll around and around. You'll never have to fish another ball out from under your couch! It's especially great if you have more than one cat. It's the perfect shareable plaything. It has non-slip pads underneath so it stays put, even on wood or tile floors.


7. Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads

One can never overestimate the importance of high quality pee pads. These are about the best you'll find for the price. An extra-absorbent core transforms liquid into gel; the plastic lining makes them leak proof to save your floors. They have a light scent that attracts dogs, a huge plus when you're trying to train a puppy, or introduce an adult dog to using pads. Each pad has a wide plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow. Not all Amazon pet supplies purchases are fun, but these are pretty useful.


8. Catit Scratcher

This snazzy alternative to a scratching post is made of corrugated cardboard infused with catnip. It'll entice your fur baby to use this to keep his claws in check instead of your furniture. Many cats prefer lying down to scratch rather than the upright position required by a traditional scratching post. And for less than 6 bucks, you truly can't go wrong here.


9. Blueberry Pet Personalized Dog Collar

This cheery dog collar is a real find for the price. Even the largest size still comes in at a lot less than $25. You can choose from a plethora of pretty prints and embroidery colors. Your dog's name and contact number will be sewn on, providing peace of mind if she gets loose. The buckle is made of eco-friendly plastic.


10. Pet Craft Supply Magic Mewnicorn Tunnel

With an average rating of 4.8 stars, this pet playground has wowed cats everywhere (and a few guinea pigs and rabbits as well, apparently). With five tunnels to explore, this crinkly creature keeps cats occupied endlessly. It can easily entertain two cats at once; one reviewer noted even her 21-pound savannah cat not only fit, but had a ball in it. It also comes as a green dinosaur and orange tiger.

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