5 Self-Rolling Cat Ball Toys That Will Get Your Cat Moving and Pouncing Around

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Playtime with your feline friend is a great bonding moment, but sometimes life gets busy. Robotic cat toys that play and interact with your cat are super convenient when you need to be hands-free during playtime. Self-rolling balls are a great option for when you want to stimulate your cat's feline instincts.

I know I'm not alone when I say that crinkle balls and catnip toys always seem to disappear into oblivion. Self-rolling balls are easier to keep up with and still keep your cat busy! Check out these self-rolling balls from Amazon below.

Self Rolling Ball Cat Toys

1. Pakoo Interactive Cat Toys Ball Smart Automatic Rolling Kitten Toys USB Rechargeable Motion Ball + Spinning Led Light with Timer Function The Best Entertainment Exercise Gift for Your Kitty

A bored cat can lead to cat scratching or messing around with the cat litter. This self-rolling ball is a great distraction to eliminate boredom and will be one of your cat's favorite toys. When some electronic cat toys are left running for hours, your cat can get tired of them. This ball automatically shuts off after 40 minutes, so your cat stays interested each time you turn it on.

2. Interactive Cat Toys Ball, Automatic Irregular 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball

This color-changing rolling ball lights up and makes realistic birds sound. Your cat will be interested in this toy almost instantly. My cats go crazy whenever they get a new toy that mimics bird noises. If your cat needs to release pent-up energy, this toy is for you.

You don't have to worry about constantly buying new batteries. This USB rechargeable toy takes 1.5 hours to charge and provides 10 hours of fun for your kitty. Right now, this toy is on sale for only $9.99. You can't beat this offer!

3. Interactive Cat Toy Ball with LED Light & Catnip, Ring Bell Feather Toy, Rolling Spinning Smart Pet Toys, Auto Rotating Intelligent Cat Ball Toy, USB Rechargeable Hunting Kitty Funny Chaser Roller

Your cat will love to pounce and chase this interactive cat toy around the house. The ringing bell and feather add an extra layer of fun for your kitty. If your cat is unsure about this toy at first, sprinkle some catnip near this toy and watch your cat have fun!

Your cat will love chasing the red light laser as this ball automatically changes directions. This ball toy works best on thin carpets, wood floors, and tiled flooring.

4. Kingtree Smart Interactive Cat Toy Ball, USB Rechargeable Automatic Rolling Ball with Built-in LED Light for Indoor Cats, 360 Degree Self Rotating Chasing Toy for Stimulate Hunting Instinct of Pets

This cat exercise toy will get your indoor cat moving and having hours of fun. This toy automatically changes direction when hitting an obstacle so it works best on hard floors. I love that this toy is made with non-toxic plastic. It is durable enough to be wear-resistant but won't mess up your walls.

5. Interactive Cat Toys Ball with LED Light,360 Degree Self Rotating Ball, USB Rechargeable Cat Ball Toy, Stimulate Hunting Instinct Kitten Funny Chaser Roller Pet Toy

If your cat goes crazy over laser pointers, then your cat will love this self-rolling laser toy. With over 1,000 ratings, this toy is certainly a best seller! Customers love that this toy encourages their cats to move around more and that it gets rid of their boredom. Amazon Prime allows you to get your toy as soon as possible with 2-day delivery.

Puzzle toys are also a great option to keep your cat's brain stimulated!

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