Your Cat Will Flip over This DIY Catnip Wand Toy

Catnip and wand toys...two things cats love.

But wait. What if - and hold on to your hats here, because this is next level stuff - you were to combine them into a catnip wand toy?

Oh yes. Read on for a tutorial on how to make this this nifty little cat wand toy that your feline friend is sure to flip over, maybe even literally.

catnip toy supplies

First, the supplies. For this project you'll need:

  • One wooden rod (it needs to be wide enough for you to drill a hole through)
  • String (it should be thin enough to fit through the hole you drill, but strong enough to sustain playtime)
  • A piece of fabric scrap of your choosing (one square foot will be sufficient); you can use an old t-shirt here because it will have your scent, which your kitty loves
  • Scissors
  • A power drill
  • A package of catnip

Now, the how-to:

power drill

To get started, drill a hole through the wooden stick, about half an inch from the top. If you don't have a drill, or simply don't want to drill through the stick, just tie the string around the top of the stick, taking care to tie it tightly enough so it won't come off while your cat's playing with it.

wand with string

Next, cut a piece of string. It can be any length you choose. Stick the end of the string through the hole on the stick and tie it securely.

cutting fabric

Cut your fabric into a square.

spoonful of catnip

Spoon a bit of catnip into the center of the square.

catnip bundle

Then, collect the fabric into a bundle. Cut another piece of string and wrap it repeatedly around the top of the fabric bundle. Then, tie a double knot to secure it.

finished catnip toy

Feed the string tied to the pole through the string at the top of the fabric bundle. Tie it off with a double knot and trim the end of the string. Put a bell on it if you're feeling extra crafty! You can also make a version full of cat treats if catnip makes your cat a little crazy!

Voila! You're all set. Plus you saved some money on homemade cat toys and now have ultimate cat lady status. Now go spend some quality time playing with your favorite kit cat!

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What do you think of this catnip wand toy? Do you have any DIY project ideas? Let us know in the comments section!

All images via PawCulture.

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