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Lost Cat Finds Catnip Aisle, Parties Like There's No Tomorrow

When a lone cat wanders into a pet store, he wastes no time in finding the catnip toy aisle and having his own catnip party.

When this mischievous kitty escaped from his owner, he headed right into the nearest pet store. From there, the cat made a beeline for the aisle filled with catnip toys and made himself right at home.

When you're a cat and you have an entire shelf of catnip toys all to yourself, you go to town. This cat certainly did, rolling around on the shelves, taking down the dividers, and knocking countless cat toys to the floor. Then, when more toys were on the floor than were left on the shelf, he moved the whole party to the floor, rolling about some more.

These videos capture the adorable event, and we love that the person taking the video let the cat continue in his bliss, uninterrupted.

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While the store may have had some cleaning up to do, we'll bet the cat thought his wild catnip party was worth every minute. From finding his way into the pet store to decimating the shelving, this cat earned his pile of catnip.

Many pet stores allow owners to bring their pets inside with them, but this cat was probably one of the only solo feline shoppers this store had ever seen!

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This article was originally published January 30, 2017.

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