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These Gamers Failed At These Hysterical Gun-Reloading Animations

hysterical gun reloading animations

Gamers making their own games might not know guns all that well.

These reloading animations hilarious. Watch the video below and see just how bad these gamers failed at making gun-reloading animations.

These reload animations are hilarious🎮 Hyper

Posted by Gamers On Board on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When video game developers make shooting games, they might just not have their facts in order to make everything realistic. In a video posted on Facebook by Gamers On Board, we witness some absolutely comical gun-reloading animations.

How does a long pistol magazine shrink when placed in a weapon? That over-and-under shotgun has the longest shotshells of all time. A shooter with a revolver pukes up his ammunition? All of these just have us shaking are heads in utter disbelief.

If you need a good laugh, these reloading animations will certainly fill the void.

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These Gamers Failed At These Hysterical Gun-Reloading Animations