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Remember These 5 Vintage Hunting Video Games?

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Early video games helped us at an early age for our future sport of hunting.

These five retro hunting video games will bring back the memories!

“Duck Hunt”

Practicing our quick shooting with the plastic control pistol, Nintendo’s “Duck Hunt” is one video game that just about everyone has played. We all remember the duck retrieving dog too, that would laugh at us when we missed the shot…stupid dog.

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Nintendo’s 64 game “Turok” pitted the player to hunting dinosaurs. Instant classic!

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“Jungle Hunt”

The Atari 2600 game “Jungle Hunt” was an early game back from 1988 that had the player swinging on vines and hunting crocodiles. Great old-school video game fun there!

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“Deer Hunter 2004”

Atari’s “Deer Hunter 2004” was one of the first more modern-style hunting games out there with different locations and realistic animals. That was one to remember!

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“Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts”

The games had vastly improved when PlaySation released “Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts.” This 2002 game had us on the edges of our lazy chairs!


Ahh, those were the days when we could sit around and virtually hunt. But at least now we are doing it in real life!

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Remember These 5 Vintage Hunting Video Games?