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Sunday Gunday: Is That a Homemade Glock? Well... Sorta...

homemade Glock

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

Well, in this case, this homemade pistol is quite blasphemy to many Glock enthusiasts. Witness for yourself the homemade Glock that is nothing short of dismal.

These photos were shared on an all-Russian forum. Somewhere in Russia, one basement tinkerer is very proud of his creation.

From a distance it resembles a beat to heck and back Glock pistol. Note it lacks the Glock Safety Trigger, though.

That rear sight has no cutout. Well, that would be a problem.

That is one of the custom magazine wells, right comrade?

This interesting lever allows for disassembly.

Well, Glocks don't disassemble that way. The plot thickens...

It does still look a bit like a Glock...

How much time went into the making of this weapon when a submachine gun would have been quicker?


The internals are quite "Glockish"...

Since my research on this weapon is based around articles written in Russian, I do not have much information to share. I can honestly say the only way I would ever shoot a weapon this crude is from behind a tree with a very long rope.


Sunday Gunday: Is That a Homemade Glock? Well... Sorta...