ar-15 rifle fails

Sunday Gunday: 9 AR-15 Fails That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

Even AR-15 rifles are not immune to the dreaded kaboom.

Like any firearm, it can fail if improperly loaded with bad ammunition, or due to other factors.

9. Does someone smell a squib bullet with another bullet fired into the back of it? Quite possibly...

8. Well, it appears all the parts are there, how come it don't fire?

7. Indeed, the bottom of an AR-15 rifle is not supposed to look like that.

6. That rifle muzzle now has teeth...

5. There sure is a lot going wrong in this picture...

4. Well, that did not end well. Do we think faulty reloads might possibly be at fault?

3. Another painful reminder any weapon can fail in the wrong circumstances...

2. What is really scary about this picture is that all the hot gasses, and who knows what else, must have vented into the shooter's face.

1. Well, we found all the parts! Bubba will just epoxy it together, right? 

Any weapon can and will fail if given the wrong ammunition, faulty reloads or a plugged barrel. Always be aware of what can happen in a moment's notice if you fail to follow common sense and gun safety rules.