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What Do We Learn From This AR-15 Failure to Fire? [VIDEO]

When your gun fails to shoot, take a moment to find out what is the problem before you try to shoot again.

This video shows why slowing down and checking a problem involved with an AR-15 failure to fire can save a gun and possibly your health.


Finishing a competition shooting exercise with a good timing is very important, but not important enough to suffer life and limb injuries and possibly destroy your firearm. What is the shooter doing wrong in this video?

When firing out of the back of the van, the shooter had a failure to fire. At this point the correct thing would be to unload the firearm, and to check for barrel obstructions such as a stuck bullet, or any other possible reason. The shooter fails to do so.

Then it happened, a kaboom that even blew the loaded magazine from the rifle itself. Undaunted, he tries to load another magazine and shoot again.

This shooter likely had a squib load that left a bullet stuck in the barrel and another one finally fired into the first. Lesson to learn here? Slow down and practice smart gun safety.

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What Do We Learn From This AR-15 Failure to Fire? [VIDEO]