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Gun Buyback in Mexico Yields Plethora of Homemade Guns [PICS]

All images via The Firearm Blog

These homemade workshop guns were confiscated during a gun buyback program in Mexico.

This gun buyback program reportedly promised cash and groceries. There were many creative homemade guns that were turned in.

Below are some so-called ".22 machine guns" that were locally home manufactured.


This homemade machine gun is actually not too bad. Work went into this one.


Here is a revolving .22 caliber rifle of homemade manufacture. Wish we had this one in our collection.


How about a garbage bag full of zip guns? Someone was quite busy.


Then there is this pile of less-than-stellar guns. They pay the same at a gun buyback program though.


Sadly even the better pistols, as this picture shows, have a fateful end. A cutting torch is a terrible death for this pistol.


Nothing is safe at a gun buyback program from destruction. The fate of this old war horse pistol from World War II is sealed with a trip to the scrapyard.


A gun buyback program is issued by the police and military to buy unauthorized guns off civilians. Compensation from privately owned firearms is usually in the form of groceries or gift cards. People who illegally own guns can sell them back during gun buybacks without risk of prosecution.

All images via The Firearm Blog


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Gun Buyback in Mexico Yields Plethora of Homemade Guns [PICS]