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S&W Revolver Blows Up in Shooter's Hands on Video

.500 s&w revolver blows up

What is the most terrifying revolver to watch blow up in someone's hand?

Well, that would have to be this .500 S&W Magnum Revolver.

So I took Ian Ball to the shooting range and he blew up the .500 s&w Magnum Largest pistol caliber in the world, how's that for a first time shooting?Check it out!!!!!

Posted by Cole McCartney on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sometimes, guns go kaboom. It may be a squib load, a double charged cartridge or a manufacturing defect. A Smith and Wesson X-Framed Revolver in the mighty .500 S&W Magnum cartridge is certainly not something you would want to experience a kaboom with.

Cole McCartney posted a shocking video on Facebook of a shooter firing a Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum Revolver. When fired, a giant ball of flames appears. The barrel actually blows clean off of the revolver and the cylinder flies open. The shocked shooter is left holding the frame of what's left of the stricken revolver.

Great care must be taken when firing any gun. Faulty reloads are many times the death of a fine weapon. We are not certain of the cause here, but just the same, it is downright frightening to watch.

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S&W Revolver Blows Up in Shooter's Hands on Video