Deer Bugs Duck Hunter
YouTube: Nick Johnson

Extremely Friendly Deer Hilariously Bugs Duck Hunter

This buck seems to know what season it is, and decides to rub it in this hunter's face.

Ever have one of those moments where you're hunting for one species and another highly-desired one decides to show up instead? It can be quite aggravating when squirrels show up during deer season or feral hogs show up during turkey season. We don't know about you, but this seems to happen to us every year.

In this case, a nice buck shows up during duck season. To make matters worse, it decides to pester this hunter in the most hysterical manner.

This duck hunter who just wants to focus on the birds, but can't quite concentrate on his calling because of the deer's repeated intrustions. The video cuts off quickly as things become awkward. Just watch it to see what we mean.

Boy, isn't that always the luck? That's a really nice buck too. What a time to be in the blind with shotguns and bird shot. This friendly buck just thinks that sweet duck call is the best sound ever. Hmmm, maybe we've been buying the wrong deer calls all this time? Hey, if you're hunting flooded timber, what can it hurt to try the next time you're on the treestand?

Well this bothersome buck is all fun and games until it tries to mount this hunter. Now that's quite an awkward situation for sure.

Just remember if you're hunting ducks this fall, this buck probably really wants to meet you!

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