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12 Scary Close Encounters with the World’s Deadliest Animals

Runt of the Web

These perfectly-timed photos are cringe-worthy to say the least.

We’ve all had those “holy crap!” moments in life, but rarely capture them on camera. These people were lucky enough to capture their perfectly timed photos so that the rest of us may safely view them from very … very far away.


This might be the scariest photo bomb ever…

I’m not sure if I want to know what happened next. Sometimes bears can be funny, but not here.

black bears
Image Shack

Going to need some backup!

I’m guessing he wasn’t trained for fighting back alligators.

cop gator
Silver Image


It’s amazing what a camera flash can reveal.

Runt of the Web

Maybe this wasn’t the best place to set up camp…

I bet he is wishing he didn’t leave his gun so far away.

big male lion
Fun Channel

I imagine there is nothing quite like a shark nibbling at the top of your head. 


This guy might get more than just a nibble if he’s doesn’t pick up the pace.

kayak shark
Runt of the Web

When you can smell what the bear had for breakfast… it’s a little too close.

Getty Images

 ‘Well, it’s been nice knowing you, Jim.’


A hunter’s final picture. 

elk cougar
Runt of the Web

I bet that car feels awfully small right about now.

Blogspot/Funny Dangerous

Worst time for the garage door to get stuck.

bear garage
Slightly Warped

We can only hope this is Photoshopped, otherwise we have a bonafide boogeyman on the loose…

Runt of the Web

Feeling lucky yet?

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12 Scary Close Encounters with the World’s Deadliest Animals