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Flirting with Disaster: Alligator vs Housecat [VIDEO]

This curious cat is getting a little too close to the alligator…

A group of on-lookers watching alligators feed are surprised by a visit from a local housecat.

It appears as though this house cat is about to become the next meal for the alligator, but you might be surprised by what happens.


That is one brave kitty!

When the cat begins to creep closer to the alligator you can hear the panic and fear in the children watching.

Oh no, it’s going to eat the kitty!

Closer and closer the cat slowly approaches the alligator, and when they are only inches away from each other they have an intense stare down that seems like forever. Then the cat decides to show who’s boss and takes a swipe at the alligator’s face, sending him running back to the water.

The crowd erupts with laughter, applauding the brave kitty, and everyone is happy.

Now who’s the scaredy-cat?

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Flirting with Disaster: Alligator vs Housecat [VIDEO]