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No, This Bear on a Trampoline isn't a Guy in a Bear Suit

A falling bear and a trampoline may not be the best combination.

Officials in Missoula, Montana had a problem. There was a black bear high up in tree in a very populated residential area, and they had to get it down without anyone being harmed.

They put their heads together and came up with the perfect solution, or so they thought.

Perfect solution? More like the most epic falling bear trampoline video ever.

These officials had a pretty creative idea to use the trampoline and try to make the falling bear land a little softer than on the hard ground. What they didn't anticipate is that the bear's limp body would end up projecting itself into a rag-doll looking somersault off the trampoline and onto the ground, ultimately giving everyone watching later on the Craig Kilborn Show a good laugh.

Fortunately the falling bear was uninjured during this rescue mission, that is until he was "carried out like a six-pack." That's when his pride took quite the beating.

Hopefully, it won't take "years of therapy" to get this bear back to his usual self. I would just recommend he stay out of the neighborhood trees, otherwise he might end up in another video...



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No, This Bear on a Trampoline isn't a Guy in a Bear Suit