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Amazing Shot: Hunter Lays out Huge Buck on the Run [VIDEO]

This is one of those amazing shots that you will have to watch twice.

A huge buck comes running by chasing does, with absolutely no intentions of stopping, and the hunter is force to take a running shot.


Hunting during the rut is exciting.

Deer are running all over the place, bucks are fighting, and you get glimpses of deer and then they’re gone… Leaving you anxiously anticipating the next sighting.

This hunt has to top this guy’s list as one of his most memorable of all time.

Thankfully, he has it all on film.

The does come onto the scene and he waits with his gun in the ready position for the buck to present a shot, but then they all just come running through without even thinking about stopping. As the buck passes by, one of the hunters makes a noise in hopes of stopping the buck, but he is having none of it and keeps pursuing the does.

So with one opportunity to knock this buck down, and only a second or so to decide, the hunter takes the shot.

He didn’t have a broadside shot, this buck was running away from him, but he managed to put the crosshairs in a spot that just lays this buck out.

Good shooting, sir.

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Amazing Shot: Hunter Lays out Huge Buck on the Run [VIDEO]