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One of the Weirdest AR-15s You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

I can’t say that I’ve seen that before with an AR-15…

These guys take this AR-15 to the next level… scratch that, they take it to another planet. A planet where zombies roam and you need an ample amount of ammo at all times.

Who can blame them, the zombie apocalypse is bound to happen sooner or later.

Check out their rig.


Did you guys catch all that?

This “zombie killing machine” weighs 23 pounds. They’ve got nine 30-round mags, two of which are 30 rounders in the side for a total of 270 rounds ready to go when that gang of zombies show themselves.

Oh, but that’s not all.

They’ve equipped it with “three lasers, three red-dot sights, a magnifier, four flashlights and a camera to capture all the action.

Then the demo begins… “Wolverines!”

Personally, I’m a fan of movie quotes, and the Red Dawn reference suits me just fine.

Nothing but hip-firing and mag changes after that. Did you see the shooter switch from his trigger finger to his middle finger on the fifth mag? After 120 rapid-fire trigger pulls, I guess he needed a fresh finger.

That’s also about the time the AR-15 started smoking pretty good too…

He did pretty well as a “hip-sniper” and I like how he hit the steel plate multiple times in succession. That sound is like music to my ears.

Maybe it is the weirdest AR-15 that we’ve ever seen, but as he said, “You cannot be awesome without this rifle.”

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One of the Weirdest AR-15s You Will Ever See [VIDEO]