You'll be Blown Away by the New G. Loomis Conquest Rod

Is the new G. Loomis Conquest the best bass fishing rod ever made?

The G. Loomis Conquest rod is the new top-the-line product in the company's lineup. The rod is launching at ICAST this week, bringing with it a new level of performance.  The co-branded rod combines the G. Loomis quality with technology from Shimano.

What does that mean for consumers?

Their favorite brand of rod just got that much better.

The rod blanks are being produced out of the Shimano facilities, while the rod is still being built by G. Loomis in the US.

With the Shimano Spiral X and Hi-Power X technologies, the rod is lighter, more accurate, and stronger than ever. Shimano's Spiral X construction will enhance the rod's casting precision, while the Hi-Power X technology is responsible for the improved rod control.  This will provide anglers with a more sharp and crisp experience while giving them more confidence in their rod then ever.

You can learn more about Shimano's Spiral X and Hi-Power X technologies here.

As for price, the rod comes in a hefty $650.

Is the Conquest the best bass fishing rod ever made? You'll have to be the judge and let us know.