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Is the Solo Skiff Really 'The Ultimate Fishing Machine'? You Be the Judge

Once you see what all this thing does, you just might find yourself daydreaming about all the different fishing options it could open up for you.

The Solo Skiff looks like an amazing piece of work and will absolutely open up a ton of different fishing options that you would normally only dream of having access to. The Solo Skiff combines all the best features of a fishing skiff, a stand up paddleboard, and a kayak all into one easy-to-manage piece of equipment.

The Solo Skiff weighs a measly 150 pounds and comes with a 5-hp motor that will definitely get you where you need to be. Because of the way the skiff is built, you can sit down or stand up in it, and because of its light weight, it seems to almost float on top of the water, allowing you to fish waters that almost seem too shallow to even get your feet wet.

The bad news is that this feature loaded skiff does come at a price. But even at $1,850, it doesn't seem like a bad investment to be able to go fishing solo in almost any place you can imagine.

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