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You’ve Seen Trick Shooting, But How About Trick Casting?

trick casting

Check out these crazy trick fishing rot casts!

If you’ve a regular visitor here at Wide Open Spaces, you’ve no doubt seen the numerous trick shooting videos we often post here. We’ve been fortunate enough to share some pretty crazy ones with you.

But have you ever seen a trick casting video? Check out Tylers Reel Fishing’s fun and impressive compilation of precision casting.

This is pretty silly, but some of these are pretty creative. And some, like the coke can from the roof, are pretty darn impressive. Do we even really want to know how much time he spent on some of these before he nailed it?

Also, I really hope there was no hook in the jig for that first shot. If there was, that guy is way braver than me!

So what do you think? Will trick casting catch on as the next big thing to hit all the fishing Youtube channels? I’d definitely be interested to see what other creative trick casts people could come up with.


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You’ve Seen Trick Shooting, But How About Trick Casting?