You'd Never Guess These 6 People Hunt and Fish

Hollywood is no place for hunters and fishermen, right?

Well, some of these well-known names are sure to shock you! These six celebrities a passion with us for hunting and fishing.

Who would've guessed these Hollywood actors get away from time to time to hit the woods or cast a line?

Before scrolling down, do you think you can guess some of these names?

1. Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives star Eva learned to shoot at a wee age of 4 years old. She grew up on her family's Texas ranch, where she hunted quail, wild hogs, turkey and deer. Now that's what we call a proper, traditional childhood.

2. Chris Pratt

Movies like "Jurassic World" and "Guardians of the Galaxy," as well as a fair share of TV time hasn't changed Chris Pratt's views on hunting.

3. Miranda Lambert

Country music is full of hunters and huntresses. Miranda Lambert grew up knowing how to live off the land. Now she and her husband Blake Shelton have their own farm and enjoy the great American outdoors together. During hunting season, this power duo make a great team.

4. Avril Lavigne

Lavigne had the pleasure of growing up hunting deer in Canada with her brother and father. Big-game hunting with this famous young lady would make any hunting trip a cool experience.

5. Prince Harry

Hunting has been a top sport of royalty for as long as time itself. Prince Harry is quite a fan of hunting and wildlife conservation. His brother Prince William enjoys it, too.

6. Shaquille O'Neal

The Shaq is also a mighty hunter. He enjoys trips he calls "Shaqfaris" and hunts goats and wild boars.

These six celebrities aren't alone, either. Jennifer Lawrence, Karl Malone, Joe Perry, Luke Bryan, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sarah Palin are also just a few of the many celebrities who enjoy the great outdoors. We salute all of them and would hunt and fish with any of them if we had the opportunity!

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