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Chris Pratt Talks About 'Jurassic World,' Hunting, and Respect [PICS]

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At a time when many Hollywood celebrities seem to be vocal anti-hunters, it's great to see that one of the biggest stars is an unapologetic hunter. Enter Chris Pratt.

Most people tuned in to popular culture are well aware of who Chris Pratt is. His work as an actor on the television series "Parks and Rec" put him on the map, and his recent starring role in the blockbuster "Guardians of the Galaxy" catapulted him into serious movie star territory.

In a few days his star is sure to shine even brighter as he plays the central character in the sure-to-be-another-blockbuster, "Jurassic World."

Pratt has lately been working the promotional circuit for "Jurassic World," including doing an interview with writer Alex Godfrey for "The Guardian." The entire interview is a fun read, but here is what Pratt said about hunting:

"I have a great deal of respect for the animals that I kill, and I feel remorse and all of the emotions that come with it. The thing inside me that drives me to go out and hunt is very animal. But the remorse, emotion and respect I feel, and the closeness to God that I feel when I'm out there, is my humanity. It's an opportunity for me to explore what parts of me are animal and what parts of me are human."

Pratt's character in "Jurassic World," Jesse Owens, is a raptor researcher with a great respect for the natural order of the world. Pratt says he relates to his character from the respect he feels for the animals he is hunting.

Just Jared

That's some thoughtful and ethical hunter-speak, right there. I'm glad to have Chris Pratt on our team.

As both a hunter and a movie geek, I find it refreshing that there are people like Pratt working in Hollywood who I can relate to. I also like the idea of supporting like-minded working actors by spending my dollars on their films.

And after all, Pratt is in films with badass talking raccoons and dinosaurs. How can you not like the guy?

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Chris Pratt Talks About 'Jurassic World,' Hunting, and Respect [PICS]