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10 Celebrities We Wish We Could Hunt With

Have you ever wished that you could break the fourth wall with a television or movie star, embark with them into wide open spaces, and go hunting for deer, doves, or ducks? Well, we do too, so we've compiled a list of celebrities we wish we could hunt with over Keystone Lights and 6-point bucks.


1) Jennifer Lawrence: This Academy Award winner not only has the beauty and acting chops for the silver screen, but she has a down-to-earth attitude and a passion for hunting. She also proved some excellent bowwomanship in her lead role in the Hunger Games movie and had to gut squirrels and shoot shotguns for her movie Winter's Bone.

10-celebs---jPhoto via Fandango

2) Bo Jackson: This baseball and football superstar is a great bow hunter as well. He was featured on an episode of Relentless Pursuit, showing composure, respect for animals, and grilling skills.

 10-celebs---bo-jacksonPhoto via ESPN

3) Michael Pollan: For Philosophical nerds (like me!), this guy wrote the book on ethical examination of hunting and farm-to-fork. He learned what it's like to be thoughtful about the food we eat, trying his hand as a modern hunter-gatherer.

 10-celebs---mPhoto via CMC Forum

4) Shaquille O'Neal: This gentle giant is a big fan of hunting. He's a funny, engaging story-teller. And if you get sore from squatting, he's got a fair share of Icy Hot products in his hunting pack.

 10-celebs---sPhoto via Wild Man Bob

5) Eva Longoria: This Desperate Housewife isn't just a man-eater, she probably eats the deer and rabbits that she's boasted about skinning. She grew up in Texas and regularly went hunting with her father. Please swing by our office, Eva!

 10-celebs---evaPhoto via Bohomoth

6) Morgan Freeman: Though perhaps not God, we think movie star Morgan Freeman is a Saint in many ways. He supports wetlands conservation with his sultry voice, and we'd love him to calm us down if we miss a shot.

 10-celebs---m-freenabPhoto via Zimbio

7) Brett Favre: This Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer has had his own share of hunting touchdowns. Our only concern is that he might decide to retire early and ruin our fun.

10-celebs---bPhoto via Frank Family Facts 

8) Donald Trump, Jr.: The Executive Vice President of the Trump Corporation actually gets out of the city whenever he can. Also, we'd like to be connected to his network of VIPs.

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9) Willie Robertson: In fact, we'd love to hang out with the whole cast and crew of "Duck Dynasty," whether there's controversy or not.

 10-celebs---wPhoto via Celebrity Networth

10) Ryan Gosling: Hey girl. The Gos could ask an animal into our sights, and we'd shoot 100%.

10-celebs---rPhoto via Quick Meme

Which celebrities do you wish you could hunt with? Let us know in the comments!


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10 Celebrities We Wish We Could Hunt With