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Would You Put in That Much Work for a Brown Trout Like This?

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Fishing videos don't often show the whole story. This one does. 

These days, if you follow any social media feeds that show fishing videos, you'll see some quick strikes and impressive fish. However, it's not as easy to catch those fish as those posters would like you to believe. Sure, some fish just fall in our laps. But others take a day's worth of work, and then most of the time it still doesn't work out.

Just check out this video from jensenflyfishing and see how hard he works to catch just one really good-looking brown. Not many fishermen have that much perseverance or know-how to pull this off.

Yeah, that's pretty good info right there. If you weren't paying attention, many different facets of fly fly fishing all come into play. All of it stuff many fishermen takes years to learn.

Hopefully you enjoyed this bit just as much as I did. If it was me fishing there though, I probably would have got frustrated after about 10 minutes and threw a rock at it. I'm not saying that hasn't happened before, just, sometimes fish need to know who's boss.

That's how I roll.



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Would You Put in That Much Work for a Brown Trout Like This?