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Woman Adopts Senior Dog That Ends Up Being Her Childhood Pet

When Pennsylvania-native Nicole Grimes was 10 years old, her best friend was a dog named Chloe.

Chloe was a gift from her grandmother, and the small Pomeranian/Poodle mix was loved by everyone in the family. For four years, Nicole and Chloe played, snuggled, and were always there for each other. But when Nicole turned 14, her father got a new job. He took a position as a customer service representative working from the family's home. He needed the job to take care of his family, but Chloe's love of barking was putting his employment at risk.

After trying to make the situation work, the family came to the difficult decision that Chloe could no longer stay. They worked hard to find someone willing to take the lovable, yet yappy, pup in, but no one came forward. With no other options, they surrendered the dog to the local animal shelter hoping she would find another family that loved her as much as they did.


While only 14 at the time, Nicole told TODAY she wasn't angry at her parents for surrendering her dog to the shelter. She was sad, but she knew her parents loved Chloe as much as she did. If they said there was no other option, Nicole knew they were telling the truth.

Now 21 years old, Nicole has a family of her own. She's married with a young daughter and lives about a half hour away from the childhood home she once shared with the beloved dog. She's thought about Chloe a lot over the years, and she looked forward to the day she could bring another dog into her life. When her daughter turned one, she decided it was finally time.

While on Facebook one day, she came across a picture of a small, long-haired dog that needed a new home. The elderly pooch reminded her of her long-lost Chloe, and she decided to take her in. The first coincidence was the dog's name. Like her childhood pet, this dog's name was Chloe. Next was the dog's age. The Facebook dog's current owner said this Chloe was 11 years old—the same age Nicole's Chloe would have been. When Nicole was first introduced to the senior dog, they immediately hit it off. The dog was energetic and loving, and Nicole was convinced the simularities weren't mere coincidence.

Determined to prove her newly adopted dog was in fact her childhood best friend, she dug up old vet records and brought the dog in for an exam. The vet scanned for a microchip, and Nicole had her proof. The numbers matched. They were apart for seven years, but against all odds, Nicole and Chloe were reunited.

Thrilled to have her dog back, Nicole was also relieved to learn Chloe had lived a good life since she last saw her. She was adopted by an elderly couple after Nicole's family dropped her off at the shelter. She was dearly loved and lived with her adopted family until the couple passed away. Chloe hasn't lost her love of barking, but this time around, it isn't a problem. She'll live the rest of her life with her original best friend.

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