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Woman Accused of Boiling Puppies on Her Stove, Seeks Jail Release

I have the same question you do. How could this happen at all and how could these incidents happen for so long? New Mexico woman is accused of beating and torturing some of her children and forcing them to watch her kill their pets as punishment.

She's seeking jail release? This is a child abuse case as well. The long list of ways she abused her children is out of a horror movie. 

Here are the highlights from The Farmington Daily-News about Martha Crouch:

  • A petition was filed on July 19 to review an order denying modified conditions of release for Martha Crouch
  • Aztec District Court Judge Curtis Gurley ordered Pre-Trial Services Program to evaluate Crouch
  • Attorneys' arguments largely echoed the previous statements made during a July 11 hearing

Martha Crouch, 54, faces felony counts of child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals with a petty misdemeanor count of obstruction of the investigation of child abuse, according to court documents. 

"Crouch was accused by her 17-year-old daughter of abusing her, shooting her dog Pip and cooking multiple puppies in a pot on the stove of their Crouch Mesa home, according to court documents."

The same girl told investigators her mother also fed a kitten poison and authorities reported finding the body of a dog buried in the backyard that had been shot as a punishment to the children. 

Her argument for jail release as outlined in court documents filed on behalf of Crouch state she is diagnosed with blood clots and hypoxemia, or low oxygen in the blood. 

Here's a Tweet from an animal lover who is horrified after reading about what this woman has done.

The Farmington Daily-News reports after an interview with Crouch's husband that he believes she's not receiving the medical attention she needs.

"Timothy Crouch testified that his wife was not receiving the treatment he believed she should be receiving for her medical conditions."

The woman accused should have thoughts about her health conditions before abusing her children and killing puppies. This case of animal cruelty should keep her in jail for life we hope. We'll continue to follow this and report back with updates.

Crouch's bond was set during her first appearance in Aztec Magistrate Court on June 26 by Judge Trudy Reed-Chase. She has been incarcerated at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center in New Mexico since.

She's also a flight risk according to the news report. A $50,000 bond remains in place for Crouch. Can you imagine working for the police department or sheriff's office and getting a call about this couple?

If you feel like venting about how horrible this is, please leave a comment below. 

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