Wolf Pack Surrounds and Runs Off With 2 Dogs on Camera

Here is what a hungry wolf pack will do to your dogs while you're not watching.

Rados?aw Dominowski posted a video to his page showing what a pack of wolves will do if you let your dogs outside and then walk away. In what appears to be security surveillance footage, two dogs begin barking at several wolves that appear in the picture.

Inside of 10 seconds you will see that there are six of the top-level predators that have not the slightest care for a reasonably-sized, barking dog and its partner.

What you will also see is one of the reasons why wolves have learned over the millennia to hunt in packs.

Caution: While the footage appears to be in black and white, and there is no sound, it will certainly be hard to watch for some. Here's the graphic video:

While Dominowski's page is listed as being based in Z?ocieniec, Poland it's not certain where this footage is from at this time, but there can be no question for the owners of the dogs as to why they disappeared from the yard. 

For anyone living in wolf, cougar, or even grizzly country it must be taken into account what can happen to domestic animals they are left unattended. If this is indeed in Poland, there are wild wolves in the country and "The wolf has been protected throughout Poland since 1998. Now, according to official data, there are about 2,000 wolves in (the) whole (of) Poland."

As much as anything, wolves are opportunity feeders and if they can take an easy meal of a domestic dog, this proves that they certainly will.

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