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Video: This Coyote Will Make You Want to Keep Your Pets Inside

An urban coyote carrying a dead cat will give any pet lover a shudder.

Your backyard should be for you, your kids and your pets. This particular setting should be a safe and happy place to enjoy a swim and a relaxing afternoon.

Enter one coyote carrying a cat in its mouth, and we have a much different scene

CAUTION: Pet owners may find this disturbing.

I see that 6-foot fence did a lot to keep that coyote out. It hopped up there like it's been doing it for a while, no? Call a conservation officer because this varmint has done this before and will do it again.

There's a lot to say here, perhaps starting with the question of why someone would post such a video. Many are disgusted with whoever took the footage, wondering why they didn't save the cat or just shoot the coyote. For starters, the cat certainly appeared dead. Secondly, if you shoot a firearm in such close proximity to the adjacent homes, you're probably going to jail, and not before you face some armed police.

As difficult as this is for pet owners and more importantly parents of small children, we have to look at the facts here. Coyotes are wild animals.

They don't know "Fluffy" is your pet cat and they don't know "Bitzy" is your pet dog. All they see is an easy meal standing right in front of them. Diligence is your best chance to keep your pet and possibly your child safe from a wild coyote.



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Video: This Coyote Will Make You Want to Keep Your Pets Inside